Varus Bell is a Mississippi native currently residing in Dallas, TX. His music has garnered over 100k + streams on Spotify alone not to mention iTunes, Tidal, and other digital music platforms. Growing up in Mississippi, Varus Bell first came in touch with hip hop when he was 10 years old through his child friend Mario, a young local recording artist. He also inherited music through his father who was a local DJ named Houndawg. DJ Houndawg has been moving crowds and turning tables for over 30 years. As years progressed, his fascination with music led him to release his first single, “WHOO DAT”. Varus kept the momentum from the reaction from his single alive throughout the years.

Varus Bell is a rapper and songwriter who collects moments in his everyday life and captures them in his music. With a sharp, raw delivery of storytelling lyrics and creative punchlines Varus has gained fans in over 10 countries around the world. He spent his youth listening to Jay-Z, Do or Die, Daytona Family, Trick Daddy, Pastor Troy, Three 6 Mafia, Master P, Twista, Dru Hill, and other artists from the 90’s.

After his recent release from prison Varus Bell spends hours out of his day working on music, reading, working out, studying music and entrepreneurship. He has been on a relentless path of musicianship, community service, and building a fan base behind his music by sharing his life story. He is experimenting with different styles and productions. His ultimate goal is to be mainstream recording artist. Since being release from prison he has been on a straight and narrow path. His dedication to being successful is motivated by him wanting to be the best father possible for his two daughters. Gaining the attention of Jay-Z and other music execs is at the top of his bucket list.